Toyota recalls Avalon, Camry to fix airbag glitch

April 14, 2016

Toyota is preparing to recall the 2016 Avalon and Camry to fix an airbag defect, affecting more than 58,000 vehicles sold in the US market.

Some vehicles may have left the factory without proper calibration of the occupant classification system (OCS), which determines the front passenger’s weight. Proper operation will prevent the airbags from firing if the seat is occupied by an infant or small child.

“With the improper calibration, under some conditions, the front passenger airbag and the front passenger knee airbag may not deploy as designed in a crash, increasing the risk of an injury to a front seat passenger,” the company said in a statement.

Service technicians will simply re-calibrate the system to restore proper operation.

It is unclear if the defect has been associated with any injuries or deaths.

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