• Bentley considering Bentayga SUV in coupe form?

    February 9, 2015

    Bentley may be considering a coupe variant of its upcoming Bentayga SUV, according to a speculative report based on executive comments.

    The Bentayga has not yet been formally unveiled, but the company is said to be already looking down the road at the next model. Chief executive Wolfgang Duerheimer suggests the clear possibilities are an entirely new model or a new variant.

    “The growing segment is SUVs,” he told Top Gear in a recent interview. “Convertibles are going down. Sports cars are going down. Saloons too.”

    The comments have been interpreted as a sign that the next mystery model could be a coupe-like counterpart to the Bentayga, taking advantage of the $1.2 billion development investment in the standard SUV.

    Such a model is not expected to arrive until at least 2019, three years after the Bentayga hits the road.