Less than a third of Kia showrooms will offer the K900

February 27, 2014
Less than a third of Kia showrooms in the US will reportedly receive the company’s new K900 luxury sedan.

The limited availability has been partially blamed on the K900′s overhead cost to dealers, as Kia requires special training and a showroom display kit that are estimated to cost approximately $30,000 for most affiliates.

Kia Motors America’s executive VP of sales and marketing, Michael Sprague, suggests the participation numbers are more likely to be explained by the luxury car market’s concentration on the East and West coasts and in the South, according to comments posted by Edmunds.

“There was a business case behind it in terms of investing in training, investing in tools, investing in a showroom kit that we have put together to highlight the car,” Sprague said. “It is a significant investment for the dealer to make.”

Kia requires staff training to ensure that dealers can properly communicate the K900′s unique features, as the company’s first rear-wheel-drive vehicle and first V8 sedan.

The Korean automaker faces tough competition from established players in the Luxury market. With its $60,000 price tag, the K900 V8 edition is $15-20,000 less than full-size alternatives from the Germans. For buyers who don’t place both size and price at the top of their priority list, however, the K900 commands a $10-15,000 premium over midsize offerings from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

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