Nissan recalls 2014 Rogue crossovers over incorrect steering bolts

May 30, 2014
Nissan’s 2014 Rogue recently won top honors in crash tests, however some of the crossovers are being recalled over a potentially serious safety issue.

Certain vehicles in a batch of 1,644 units manufactured from January 10 through January 17 may have been assembled with the incorrect bolts connecting the intermediate shaft to the upper steering assembly.

The company warns that the incorrect bolts could loosen and fall out, resulting in a loss of vehicle control and increasing the risk of a crash. Drivers may receive an early warning if the steering assembly begins to rattle, indicating the bolts have loosened.

The company has blamed a supplier for delivering a tote full of incorrect bolts that were subsequently installed in vehicles.

Owners will be notified to bring their Rogue in to a service center to be inspected and repaired if necessary. The problem is believed to be limited to a small number of vehicles.

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