Lawyer claims GM ignition defect has killed 60

May 31, 2014
A lawyer representing clients suing General Motors over its ignition switch recall debacle claims that the defect is responsible for more than four-times as many death as the automaker has confirmed.

GM has stated that the ignition switch defect that prompted the recall of more than 2.5 million vehicles has caused 13 deaths, but a lawyer suing the auto giant on behalf of owners says the company is grossly underestimating the death toll.

According to Corpus Christi, Texas, lawyer Rudy Gonzales, at least 60 deaths have been caused by the ignition defect, which can disable a vehicle’s power and safety features, such as power steering and airbags. Gonzales made the statement in front of a seven-judge panel that will decide where claims related to economic losses stemming from the recall will be heard.

However, Gonzales’ claim has yet to be substantiated – the lawyer didn’t provide any evidence to the panel and GM is steadfast that only 13 deaths have occurred as the result of the ignition flaw.

As the judges haven’t even selected a location for the lawsuits to be heard, it could be awhile before Gonzales is pressed about his claim.

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