South Korean company previews electric sports car

June 16, 2014

A South Korean startup named Oullim Motors has published preliminary details about a battery-powered sports car set to make its debut at next year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

Dubbed Spirra, the coupe will be powered by an electric motor mounted behind the passenger compartment linked to a high-capacity battery pack. Oullim has not revealed whether it will design and build the drivetrain in-house or if it will purchase it from another company, but it has promised the motor will send power to all four wheels.

Although the Spirra’s design is still being finalized, the company expects the coupe to boast a highly-aerodynamic body crafted out of carbon fiber and to ride on a lightweight tubular frame. The Spirra will be assembled by hand in a new facility located in the Netherlands and distributed in select European countries.

Sources close to the company indicate the Spirra will carry a base price of approximately €200,000, a lofty sum that converts to over $270,000. A full set of technical details will be published in the weeks leading up to the car’s debut in Switzerland.

South Korea’s sports car

In its home country of South Korea, the Spirra is powered by a mid-mounted Hyundai-sourced V6 engine that puts out anywhere between 172 and 492 ponies depending on tune. The most powerful version of the coupe is capable of reaching 62 mph from a stop in just 3.5 seconds before going on to a top speed of 195 mph, statistics that hint at what to expect from the electric variant.

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