BMW to open mega-store showcase in Tokyo

June 30, 2014

BMW has announced plans to open a large showcase complex in Tokyo, intended as a one-stop shop for all that is BMW.

Tentatively called the BMW Group Mobility Center, it will allow patrons to view the the entire BMW lineup, including its motorcycles and the cars of the MINI brand. The facility will exhibit about 50 vehicles, but an additional 100 will be on hand for rentals and test drives on an adjacent, scaled-down “BMW Driving Experience” course.

In addition, there will be a large multi-purpose event hall that can accommodate up to 500 people, where driving training classes, lectures on the company’s eco-friendly endeavors and other activities can take place. A cafe will also be on hand.

Japan is no stranger to the concept of automotive mega-stores. Toyota has operated its Megaweb showcase in the popular waterfront shopping district of Odaiba for over a decade, and until recently had a second showroom in north Tokyo that closed last fall. Nissan also has similar complexes on the outskirts of Tokyo. If BMW’s new setup is anything like Megaweb’s, it’ll also contain a gift shop, kid-friendly activity stations and a rotation of classic cars from the automaker’s collection.

BMW’s Mobility Center is scheduled to open in November 2015.

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