‘Mirai’ surfaces as potential name for Toyota’s fuel-cell model

July 31, 2014
Toyota has reportedly decided to use the term “Mirai” as a nameplate for its fuel-cell vehicle.

The same term surfaced late in 2013 as an alleged model name for the rumored Supra revival, however sources now tell Bloomberg that it has been reserved for use by the upcoming hydrogen-powered model.

The Japanese automaker has been referring to its fuel-cell vehicle using the seemingly generic acronym FCV, while rival Honda’s competing concept is currently labeled the FCX Clarity.

‘Mirai’ is a Japanese word that translates to ‘future,’ potentially reflecting Toyota’s big bet on hydrogen fuel cells as other automakers focus on battery-powered electric models.

Recent reports suggest Toyota’s fuel-cell car may be on track to arrive in 2014, though the company officially expects an early-2015 launch. It is expected to cost around $70,000, however Japanese buyers may receive subsidies of nearly $30,000 depending on their location.

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