LA-based Icon previews Tesla-based retro-styled coupe

July 31, 2014
California-based Icon has announced it is in the early stages of developing a retro-styled coupe that will borrow the bulk of its mechanical components from the Tesla parts bin.

The coupe is called Helios, the name of the Greek god of wind. Previewed by a series of design sketches, the Helios blends styling cues borrowed from cars built in the early 1930s with a highly-aerodynamic tear drop-shaped silhouette inspired by airplanes built by aviation tycoon Howard Hughes after World War I. The coupe depicted in the sketches features a strikingly rakish design accented by body panels crafted out of unpainted aluminum and exposed rivets.

The design sketches hint the Helios could pack a luxurious interior with plush leather upholstery, a vintage-looking aluminum instrument cluster with analog gauges and seating for up to five passengers.

Icon founder Jonathan Ward hopes to build the Helios on a chassis sourced from the Tesla Model X crossover that is scheduled to be unveiled early next year. Similarly, the Helios will use the X’s electric all-wheel drive drivetrain.

“In keeping with the founding premise at ICON, of fusing vintage design with the best modern drive experience and technology, I can think of no better platform to build this on than the Tesla. I have such great respect for the company and the creative spirit of Mr. Musk, plus the S is a blast to drive,” explained Ward in an interview with Jalopnik.

The Helios is a low-priority project for Icon and it will likely take years to build if the company decides to move ahead with it. However, Ward is confident he will eventually be able to turn his dream into a reality.

“This project is currently only a concept, but one that I will move mountains to figure out how to get built,” affirmed Ward.

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