Tesla to help build 400 charging stations across China

August 30, 2014
Tesla Motors has teamed with one of China’s top mobile carriers to build a large network of charging stations across the country.

Model S owners will eventually be able to top off their batteries at 400 China Unicom stores spread across 120 cities, spokeswoman Peggy Yan said in a statement to Reuters.

The company also plans to build additional standalone Supercharger stations in 20 additional cities. The chargers found at cellphone stores will be restricted to just Tesla vehicles, but it is unclear if they will have the same quick-charging capabilities as the Supercharger facilities.

Tesla has faced backlash from early adopters in China, after the first wave of Model S sedans was delayed for many customers. The problem was partially blamed on the lack of charging infrastructure in most regions. To maintain a satisfactory ownership experience, the company prefers if buyers have access to both service centers and Superchargers within a reasonable distance.

Amid the delays, CEO Elon Musk earlier this year noted that regional teams were instructed to quickly make investments in local charging infrastructure throughout China to help resolve the issues.

Tesla considers China to be one of its key markets, where vehicle sales could eventually top US shipments. To help accommodate anticipated demand, the company will eventually open a vehicle factory in the country.

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