Italian start-up previews 800-horsepower electric supercar

October 13, 2014
An Italian start-up named Tecnicar has announced it is in the early stages of developing an electric supercar called Lavinia.

Power for the Lavinia will come from an electric motor that will send over 800 horsepower to the drive wheels. The coupe will be capable of sprinting from zero to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds before reaching a top speed of about 186 mph.

Tecnicar promises the Lavinia will be able to drive for about 180 miles on a single charge, though it has not disclosed what kind of battery the coupe will be equipped with. One of the pictures released by the automaker hints the Lavinia will be built around a central passenger cell made out of a composite material in order to partially offset the weight added by the battery pack.

3D renderings of the Lavinia reveal it will wear a low-slung, race-inspired design characterized by large air dams up front, bulged wheel arches all around and center-locking alloy wheels. The headlights are either sourced from or heavily inspired by the Chris Bangle-designed Fiat Coupe that was produced between 1993 and 2000.

The first Technicar Lavinia prototype is currently under construction at the company’s headquarters in Syracuse on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. When the coupe is scheduled to reach the market is not known.

Technicar could presented a fully-functional Lavinia prototype at the Top Marques show that will open its doors in Monaco next April. If built, the Sicilian supercar will carry a price tag that will fall well into the six digits.

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