Ford to begin goodwill payments to C-Max Hybrid owners

September 29, 2013
Ford will soon begin mailing “goodwill payment” checks to approximately 32,000 C-Max Hybrid drivers as appeasement for a downgrading of the model’s fuel economy estimates.

On August 15, Ford announced that the C-Max Hybrid’s city/highway combined fuel economy rating would be adjusted from 47 to 43 mpg. At the time Ford cited EPA testing procedures that allowed the C-Max Hybrid to be certified under the Ford Fusion Hybrid’s results due to the two models being grouped in the same “family.”

Upon announcing the downgrade, Ford dealers upgraded all existing C-Max Hybrids’ engine management software to compensate for the discrepancy, and all units built after July 2013 will have those upgrades from the factory. Further, engineering changes to the C-Max Hybrid’s aerodynamics and a lower-friction motor oil specification will help boost fuel economy ratings for 2014 models set to go on sale in December.

Those leasing the C-Max Hybrid will receive $325 while outright owners will receive $550. According to Automotive News, all checks will be enclosed with a letter from Ford marketing manager CJ O’Donnell explaining the reasons for the mileage adjustment and a statement of thanks for purchasing the model. Delivery of the checks are slated for this month.

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