Toyota reaffirms plan to sell fuel cell EV by 2015

September 30, 2013
Toyota is hard at work on its first production hydrogen fuel cell EV, a model the automaker’s chairman said will hit the market at some point in 2015.

Speaking to reporters at the Economic Club of Washington, D.C., chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada confirmed “that we will sell the feul cell vehicle in the year 2015… in order not to waste the investments that the infrastructure companies will make, it is our role that we keep this promise on introducing it to the market in the time that we promised.”

Toyota’s entry will arrive right about the time Honda begins reinvesting in its efforts with a second-generation fuel cell vehicle based on its FCX Clarity.

The hydrogen-powered vehicle – expected to take the shape of a sedan – will list for around $50,000 in the United States. Conceptually, it won’t diverge far from the Toyota FCV-R show car that debuted in Tokyo almost two years ago. The R in the car’s name denotes “reality,” not performance. 

Just 10 hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S. are open to the public, nearly all of which are in Southern California. That’s where Honda and Mercedes-Benz have run their FCX Clarity and F-Cell pilot programs. 

However, just a few days ago, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law legislation that will see vehicle registration fees used to construction at least 100 additional hydrogen fueling stations over the next decade. <![CDATA[
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