Toyota adds 57K vehicles to Takata airbag recall

November 29, 2014
Toyota has again expanded the scope of its Takata airbag recall, adding approximately 57,000 vehicles globally.
The latest campaign mostly affects vehicles sold in Japan, accounting for 40,000 units, according to Reuters. Approximately 6,000 vehicles are located in Europe, and the rest have been sold outside North America.

The defective airbag inflators have been found in the Vitz (Yaris) subcompact and RAV4 crossover, with production dates ranging from late 2002 to early 2004.

The company is reportedly unaware of any deaths or injuries that have been blamed on the inflators, which are prone to explode with excessive force and send shrapnel flying through the cabin.

Regulators in Japan, the US and other countries have continued to pressure automakers to identify defective vehicles and quickly implement a fix program to minimize risk to drivers and passengers. The various campaigns already list more than 16 million vehicles.

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