Wall collapse leaves six cars buried in salt

December 31, 2014
Given enough time, salt can absolutely ruin a vehicle. In the case of one Chicago-area Acura dealer, it only took a few seconds for mean Mr. Salt to wreck six vehicles.
No, it wasn’t the resulting corrosion that destroyed the Acuras, but rather the salt itself — and there was a lot of it.

The incident occurred earlier this week when a wall of the Morton Salt building suddenly collapsed, spilling thousands of pounds of salt onto the ground below. Unfortunately for McGrath Acura of Downtown Chicago, that wall collapse happen in the exact spot where they store vehicles awaiting service.

According to Automotive News, six vehicles were involved in the incident, with at least three partially covered by the impromptu avalanche. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

McGrath Acura of Downtown Chicago so far hasn’t commented on the accident, but we imagine the dealer is currently scouting the area for a new overflow lot.

Photo courtesy of Reuters.

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