Ford F-150 production constrained amid frame shortage?

May 30, 2015

Ford’s redesigned F-150 is reportedly facing production constraints once again, causing potential trouble as the company attempts to ramp up shipments of the nation’s best-selling nameplate.
The issue has been blamed on a lack of frame supplies from a Kentucky supplier, which appears to have encountered trouble keeping up with growing orders, according to an Automotive News report.

“Demand for our F-150 is sky high,” Todd Hillyard, the bargaining chairman of UAW Local 249 for Ford’s Kansas City plant, reportedly wrote in a Facebook post. “Frames continue to hold both truck plants back from running overtime days on the weekend.”

The company reported an overall decline in sales for February and March, with blame placed on retooling efforts for the new F-150. The pickup was initially built at the Dearborn Truck Plant but has since begun production at a second factory in Kansas City.

Unnamed plant workers from both factories have claimed the lack of truck frames has prevented the company from running overtime shifts, viewed as necessary to compensate for the retooling slowdown.

“We are producing the all-new F-150 at full production at Dearborn Truck Plant and will be at full production this quarter at our Kansas City Assembly Plant,” Ford said in a statement. “As with all our vehicle launches, we are working closely with our suppliers to meet customer demand for the truck.”

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