Diesel fuel prices lowest since 2009

July 31, 2015
Diesel fuel prices have reached their lowest levels since 2009, according to the Diesel Technology Forum.

The advocacy group cited reports that showed diesel fuel prices dropping below regular unleaded gasoline prices in 21 states including California, where diesel is a whopping 70 cents cheaper per gallon.

With low gasoline prices hogging the spotlight this year, it has been difficult for efficient cars to grab the spotlight. Lower diesel prices may spur manufacturers who have waffled on their plans to deliver oil-burning engines in the United States.

Robert Davis, Mazda’s senior VP of North American operations, was asked about the company’s SkyActiv-D powerplant during a Q&A session in Westlake Village in late July. He insisted that plans are still in place to roll out the diesel in the Mazda6 midsizer, but would not commit to a time frame.

The Diesel Technology Forum’s roster of available and upcoming diesel-powered vehicles–which includes the Audi A4, Porsche Macan Chevrolet Colorado/ GMC Canyon and the Nissan Titan–still lists the Mazda6 as “Coming Soon!” Only the Titan has anything resembling timing expectations.

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