2016 Lexus LX spy photos reveal interior and exterior updates

August 10, 2015

Photos of the 2016 Lexus LX have leaked ahead of the SUV’s official reveal. The marque’s top-of-the-line SUV has been drastically facelifted for its next refresh.

Though it is unlikely that the stalwart body-on-frame SUV will receive many mechanical upgrades, images captured in Dubai reveal a significantly altered exterior and interior. It is also no surprise that the Land Cruiser-based luxury SUV was spotted in Dubai, as the UAE is one of the most lucrative markets for Toyota’s flagship sport utilities. The region even offers a 450hp factory supercharged version.

The most noticeable change is the massive spindle grille that now dominates the front end. Gone is the body-colored bar that used to bisect the opening, and the entire affair is now surrounded in chrome. Headlights too, are now larger, butting up right against the grille and sweeping back further. The lighting systems appear to be LED units accompanied by in-board L-swoosh DRLs.

From the rear, the bumper areas appear blockier, with reshaped LED L-motif taillights. The wheels have also been redesigned, now with a black or gunmetal (it’s hard to tell behind the plastic covers) finish with polished spokes.

The interior also sees a major update, with a completely redesigned center console that puts it in line with the rest of the Lexus lineup. The instrument cluster sees a lot more chrome and metal finishes while the steering wheel is now a three-spoke design. The dash is bisected horizontally with lengthwise wood trim and an analog clock as the centerpiece. The new multifunction display looks absolutely gigantic, larger than the screen on the laptop this article is being typed on right now, tucked in its own alcove. Headrest-mounted screens for rear seat passengers likewise have grown considerably in size.

Expect an official announcement by Lexus shortly.

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