Honda UK showcases Type R, NSX in new "Ignition" ad

August 30, 2015

While we in the United States get dweebs in blue polo shirts in our Honda commercials, Honda UK continues its streak of stirring adverts.

The latest spot, titled “Ignition,” begins with Honda’s ASIMO robot. As it stares off into the sunset, it’s soon revealed that it’s backed up by the company’s broad range of products, including a pair of sportbikes, the new HR-V, a Civic Type R, the upcoming NSX, the HondaJet and a pair of Formula 1 racers.

The grouping, all finished in Honda’s trademark white, of course, forms a rocketship of sorts. Each driver engages his or her vehicle successively, creating a wave of thrust from smoking tires and jet engines. It’s all quite beautifully filmed, and even contains an easter egg or two — including a NSX driver looking forlornly at a dogeared photo before takeoff, a well-worn sci-fi movie trope, that turns out to be a picture of the classic NSX.

Honda UK says the film was inspired by “Honda’s daring spirit” and pays homage to “one of the boldest expressions of human curiosity and engineering endeavor: space flight,” adding, “no other company has the heritage of engineering across as many categories: cars, motorbikes, robotics, aviation and racing.”

The short film follows other well-received Honda ads such as 2006′s “Impossible Dream” and 2003′s “Cog,” which was one of the most-awarded commercials in UK history.

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