Tesla details Model X features, delivers first units

September 30, 2015
Tesla Motors has revealed a few last details for the production Model X as the first units are delivered to customers.

Speaking at a launch event celebrating the occasion, chief executive Elon Musk began by focusing on safety features. The EV is said to be the only SUV to earn five stars in each government crash-test scenario, thanks to its lack of gasoline engine in the front crumple zone and an extremely low center of gravity.

The CEO also showed off an extremely large HEPA air filter, claimed to effectively remove allergens, soot/smog, bacteria and even viruses down to just 0.01 microns. Drivers can even activate a “bioweapon defense mode” in the climate-control settings, complete with a biohazard symbol beside the typical recirculation button.

The event also served to reiterate a few of the already-announced highlight features that distinguish the Model X from other crossovers. Musk demonstrated the falcon-wing doors, automatic front doors, bicycle carrier and towing capabilities, among other selling points.

The company so far has only detailed the 90-kWh variants that will be available this year, ahead of cheaper packages slated for 2016. The standard 90D boasts 257 miles of range and a zero-to-60 mph sprint in 4.8 seconds. The performance-tuned P90D drops to 250 miles but slashes the acceleration benchmark down to just 3.2 seconds.

Only a handful of units were delivered at the media event. All were purchased in range-topping Signature Series trim, which starts at $132,000 before adding options such as the Ludicrous Speed enhancement.

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