Renault reveals Kaptur crossover for Russia

March 30, 2016

Renault has revealed the Kaptur, a small crossover geared specifically for the Russian market.

The Kaptur is essentially an adaptation of the Euro-spec Captur, outfitted with a all-wheel-drive system, locking center differential, elevated ride height and heavier-duty suspension.

Other market-specific provisions include remote start, heated front seats and a heated windshield to help deal with cold winters in Russia and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.

The Kaptur features a more aggressive styling than the Captur, consistent with Renault’s latest design language. Its wider upper grille brings a new honeycomb mesh pattern, while the hood and door inserts have been sculpted for a stronger appearance.

Manufactured at Renault’s Moscow factory, the Kaptur is slated to arrive in showrooms this summer. The Russian automotive market continues to experience trouble this year, however automakers are still vying for market-share gains in the country. The new crossover represents one of 10 new models that Renault hopes will drive global expansion.

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