Honda confirms tenth Takata airbag death

April 7, 2016

Honda confirmed on Wednesday the tenth death related to Takata’s defective airbag design. Of those ten reported deaths, nine have occurred in a Honda vehicle.

According to Reuters, the fatal crash occurred in Fort Bend County, Texas. The vehicle involved was a 2002 Honda Civic, which is covered by Honda’s massive recall campaign.

Honda says it sent multiple recall notices to the owner of the 2002 Civic. However, Honda’s recommended repairs were never made.

Although the Takata airbag recall has plagued several automakers, it has hit Honda the hardest with nine related deaths. Ford is the only other automaker to have reported a Takata-related death in the United States.

Honda has recalled 8.5 million vehicle due to the airbag defect, which can propel shrapnel at the drive if the airbag is triggered. Due to the widespread nature of the recall, many vehicles remain on the road with the potentially lethal design flaw.

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