Ford details Dearborn campus transformation plan

April 13, 2016

Ford has detailed a transformation plan for its Dearborn operations, eventually merging 70 buildings and 30,000 workers into two primary campus locations.

More than 7.5 million square feet of work space will be rebuilt into a the new Product Campus, currently known as the Research and Engineering Center Campus, and a revamped World Headquarters Campus.

The product center will feature paths, trails and covered walkways for workers who prefer to travel on foot. Others can opt for an autonomous vehicle, shuttle service, or Ford’s electric eBike, while softball and soccer fields will promote on-site outdoor activities.

An all-new design center will be the focal point of the Product Campus. It will span 700,000 square feet, adding new studios and an outdoor design courtyard. The existing 14,000-square-foot Design Showroom will be converted into an event venue.

Building interiors will be thoroughly redesigned and modernized, with new work spaces that aim to bolster collaboration and better contribute to innovation.

“We are taking a holistic approach when integrating employee wellness into work environments,” said Ford Land Development Corp CEO Donna Inch. “We realize people are our greatest asset, and we are putting them at the heart of our workplace design to create healthy, happy work environments.”

The changes will be gradually rolled out over the next decade.

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