Base Tesla Model X gets bigger battery, higher price

April 13, 2016

Tesla has axed the entry-level Model X 70D after just a few short months on the market, and replaced it with a new base model called 75D.

As its name implies, the X 75D benefits from a bigger 75kWh battery pack that boosts its total driving range from 220 to 237 miles. The rest of the crossover’s drivetrain remains unchanged, meaning the 75D is powered by a pair of electric motors that each spin an axle. All-wheel drive and a generous amount of instant torque help the 75D hit 60 mph from a stop in about six seconds flat, and go on to a top speed of roughly 130 mph.

Unsurprisingly, the bigger battery pack brings with it a higher base price. The Model X 75D now starts at $83,000, an increase of $3,000 over the outgoing 70D model, before tax credits, incentives, and a mandatory $1,200 destination charge are factored in. The 75D remains markedly more affordable than the 90D and the P90D variants, which cost $95,500 and $115,000, respectively.

The 2016 Model X 75D is already on sale at Tesla stores nationwide. In the United States, the first deliveries are scheduled to take place in June.

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